The Road Warrior Group



"The Road Warrior Group made a very significant contribution in our strategic acquisition of Hardi Electronics. First they laid a solid foundation of meaningful Value Propositions for both sides. Then they facilitated the acquisition making the process highly efficient, minimizing costs and valuable management time. Their unusual combination of experience, and technical and business skills leveraged by a tight working team made them a bargain compared with a typical investment banker acquisition engagement."

— Andrew Haines - VP of Marketing, Synplicity


"We have worked with Road Warrior Group for about 3 years now. They have had a big part in our great success in the US. RWG investigated how to best build an appropriate sales channel and searched for and contracted a number of sales representatives all over the US. Then RWG assisted in setting up our US subsidiary, HARDI Electronics Inc. Finally they assisted in the process of hiring a US sales manager. In the very beginning, they even assisted me in both arranging customer meetings and in selling the product. The very genuine experience that RWG brings certainly made it a whole lot easier to get established in US than I first had anticipated. HARDI being a small company with limited financial resources was no problem for RWG. They worked out a win-win plan so the cost would be according to the level of success HARDI would make. And the success was great! I give my absolute best recommendations to anybody who considers to work with RWG for a similar task".
We then led the sale of Hardi to Synplicity...

— Lars-Eric Lundgren, President & CEO, HARDI Electronics AB, Sweden, 2007


"We began working with the RWG before we had critical mass in sales in the US Market, and they provided early introductions and sales opportunities that we jointly supported. One of the most valuable aspects of their experience is the network of people they connected us up with at many levels, including introducing us to a future board member who has become one of the strongest members of our team. They have a great understanding of startups, and the difficulties of setting up sales channels across the Atlantic when a company is resource stretched."

— Michael Ledzion SVP of worldwide Sales, Displaylink, Cambridge UK, 2007

We also have ongoing programs with Irish companies, with the support of Enterprise Ireland Offices in Palo Alto, California.