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Strategy Development

Good strategy development is based on a solid understanding of customer needs, customer pain points, product differentiation and customer/management alignment. By understanding your customer's needs you can understand whether your business can flourish by just satisfying the needs of early adopters or whether you need to cross the chasm and meet the needs of the early majority as well. By having everyone in your organization look for customer pain you will gain better insights into customer priorities. Insuring that you have a differentiated product enables you to protect your margins, and is the key to profitability. Finally, you must have have a succinct, powerful value message for customer management that addresses their priorities including risk. In our One Day Business Development Program, The Road Warrior Group will work with your team to develop a concise scorecard that summarizes your organization's relationship with your customers and your customer's customer. With the executive summary that we provide, you have of all relevant information needed to address customer, revenue or profit issues, and to quickly develop a prioritized action plan. Learn more...

Sales Channel Development

Good representative selling teams often out perform direct sales organizations, and they do so at less cost - costs that vary with success. They also offer better customer access and more capacity for growth.  
When we started a client's North American representative network, the region was our client’s smallest major market with exactly one customer.  Two years after deciding on a sales structure based heavily on a network of representatives, North America was both the largest and fastest growing market.  Once you build a network of representatives, how do you make sure it delivers the sales that you need?  Representatives apply their long-term customer relationships to generate sales for their principals and they do this under short-term cancellation agreements. Their survival depends on trust:

  • Trust that their principal will meet obligations and be responsive to their customers needs
  • Trust that the product can efficiently generate sales and commissions.
  • Trust that their sales performance will be rewarded by continuing on-time commission payments. 

Trust, more than anything generates sales focus.  What kinds of policies generate trust, and how do you select the right representatives?  Contact The Road Warrior Group to find out how or see our downloads page for more information. Learn more...

Better Marketing Decisions

During new product development, marketing and engineering management are faced with critical implementation choices that will determine success or failure.  Decisions have to be made and questions answered about what to do and what not to do.

  • Which features do customers value most?
  • Will a feature be worth the engineering investment to achieve it? 
  • What is the right price point? 
  • Given a set of features and price, how will a product fare against competition?
  • What market share can the product be expected to win?

Getting answers to these questions can be straightforward given the right research methodology.  Thee Feature-Value Method has been in use for thirty years in consumer applications and The Road Warrior Group has experience applying it in a variety of high-tech applications.   When customers evaluate products, they are forced to make a number of trade offs. Rarely do they find a product with the right performance and correct feature set at the best price.   The “best” product for a customer is usually a compromise among price, performance, features, quality and ease of use.   The usual marketing methods that ask customers about features in isolation misses this key point.   The problem of feature selection when creating new products is not; what would the customer want if he could have anything; but what will he choose if he has to make trade-offs.

The basic idea in the Feature-Value methodology is simple:  ask customers to choose hypothetical new products from a set of possibilities just as they would if they were actually evaluating product choices in the market.    In practice, we ask customers to review and rate a set of sample product configurations with different feature combination at varying price points.  This requires that customers make the same kind of trade-offs that they would make while making actual product choices.  Based on customer ratings, we can graph the relative importance of features (Figure 1), show how the demand curve will vary with price (Figure 2) and forecast share of preference against a competitive product (Figure 3).  Finally, estimated share can be used with price and total market size to forecast sales.  The judged sales forecast can then be used with development and manufacturing cost estimates to generate an ROI analysis.  

Applying this method is easier than you think.  Learn more...

Mergers And Acquisitions

The current worldwide market meltdown is accelerating our clients' interest in mergers and acquisitions as a survival rather than an exit strategy. Either to grow products and capabilities through the judicious acquisitions of organization or to concentrate strengths, eliminate duplications and build market presence as a survival strategy, product positioning, detailed market t analysis, product compatibility, time to revenue and risk assessment are critical to success.  Traditional investment bankers are not generally positioned to find value and structure  in this round of acquisitions. The Road Warrior Group (RWG) is.   Learn more...