The Road Warrior Group

The Road Warrior Group (RWG) is a team of experienced international executives with the business and technical skills to provide....

Tools to analyze, measure and improve results for your customer
Expertise to evaluate, advise and execute market driven M&A activities
Effective marketing methods to improve product feature selection and ROI
Experience to re-structure and manage cost effective sales organizations

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Strategy Development

Nothing impacts revenue and profit more than your customers. Using an innovative Customer Relationship Scorecard in a One-Day Business Development Program, The Road Warrior Group can provide you with a real-time executive summary of your relationship with your customers and your customer’s customer. Get a wealth of insights into what you can do now to impact revenue and profit.

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Sales Channel Development

In the current worldwide economic downturn many companies are looking at ways to reduce their cost of selling. Find out how to structure your sales operation for both lower cost and better sales by building an efficient independent sales representative network or managing your existing network more effectively.

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Better Marketing Decisions

Creating products that deliver real value to customers is difficult. Understanding how customers actually chose products in the market place is a proven approach to identifying value that has been used with great success in many industries.  The Road Warrior Group can help you get the answers that you need to create winning products.

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Merging and Integrating Organizations

In the current world-wide market meltdown its time to look at mergers and acquisitions as a survival rather than an exit strategy.  Some innovative companies are growing products and capabilities through the judicious acquisitions of organizations not well positioned to survive in the new market reality. This is a cost containment, rather than time to market strategy. Other resource limited companies' survival depends on concentrating strengths, eliminating duplication and building market presence. In any case p roduct positioning, detailed market analysis, product compatibility, time to revenue and risk assessment are critical to success. Traditional investment bankers are not necessarily positioned to find, evaluate and structure this round of acquisitions.  The Road Warrior Group is.

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